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Friday, November 20, 2015

This week during Reading Workshop we:
  • learned to look for chunks we know inside of words (Chunky Monkey).
  • practiced reading words with the short a sound.
  • learned that readers become better readers by reading the same book multiple times.
  • learned that readers might be able to figure out what the words in the title are if they do a picture walk first.

This week during Writing Workshop we continued our pattern book unit.  We learned:
  • to write a seesaw pattern (a pattern book in which the pages alternate between two different patterns).
  • to write a question and answer seesaw pattern.
  • to write a seesaw pattern about opposites.
  • that our pictures need to help our reader figure out the word that changes on each page.

This week during Math we:
  • played Spin a Number, a game to help us practice moving on a game board.

  • worked as a group to put numbers in order.
  • worked independently to order numbers 0-15.
  • practiced subitizing and graphing with the game Roll a Number.
  • played Monster Squeeze to practice comparing numbers with the words greater than/less than.

Thank you for all the donations that have been made for our Rowe School Food Drive.  We will continue to collect items through Tuesday, November 24.  During our community meeting on Tuesday, we will count to see how many items Rowe School donated.

Since we only have two days of school next week, I will not post next week.  I hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday with your family and friends.  I am so thankful to be your child's teacher.

Mrs. Caron

Sunday, November 15, 2015

Last week during Reading Workshop we learned:

  • when readers come to a word they don't know they can say the sounds slowly then put the sounds together to read the word (Stretchy Snake)
  • that during buddy reading, a buddy should coach his/her partner when he/she comes to an unknown word instead of just telling the word.
  • to ask ourselves three questions when we think we have figured out an unknown word: Does it look right?  Does it sound right?  Does it make sense?

During Writing Workshop we continued writing pattern books.  We learned that writers:
  • can experiment with different patterns instead of writing the same pattern every day.
  • think of a title that connects all the pages together and hints to what the book is all about.
  • leave spaces between words.
  • can write more than one sentence on each page.

During Math we:
  • measured the length of objects and compared one object to another using the terms longer and shorter.

  • learned a new game, Bunny Hop, to practice moving on a number line.

  • learned about positional words, such as behind, between, and in front of.  We followed directions containing positional words to navigate through an obstacle course.
  • learned that numbers can be represented in many ways.
We also spent time learning about Veteran's Day.  We talked about Veteran's Day as being a time to thank the people who help keep our country safe.  Thank you to those who have served our country.


Friday, November 6, 2015

We're Reading!

This week during Reading Workshop we started learning strategies for reading words.  We learned that:
  • the books we are reading follow a pattern.  We can find the popcorn words we know to help us read the pattern.
  • we can look at the pictures (what we call Eagle Eye) to help us figure out the word that changes on each page.
  • we can get ready to read a word we don't know by saying the sound the word starts with (Lips the Fish) then find something in the picture that begins with that sound.
  • readers point under each word then hop to the next word.  They say one word for each word on the page.

  • readers pay attention to the characters' faces to help us understand how they might be feeling.
  • readers ask questions as they read.
The children are off to a great start with reading words!

During Writing Workshop we started writing pattern books.  This unit connects nicely with our reading unit.  We are reading and writing pattern books!  We learned that:
  • all the pages in a pattern book follow the same pattern.
  • writers choose a topic they know a lot about.
  • writers can think of a pattern by using popcorn words.
  • writers make sure that their illustrations match the word that changes on each page.
  • authors of pattern books can change the pattern on the last page.

This week during Math we:
  • created bar graphs to show data for a collection of pattern blocks.
  • learned about combinations of ten.

  • learned about the characteristics of triangles.
  • worked together to create shapes out of ribbon. 

  • used geo boards to create shapes. 

The weather this week was beautiful for recess!

Happy Weekend!